A brief history...


Contagious Faith is a ministry dedicated to sharing the truth of Jesus through music and online media. It all began in 2008 by four teenage friends who loved God and enjoyed the art of music. Even at their young age they were compelled to dedicate their talents in spreading the hope of salvation. Full of energy and enthusiasm they got involved with leading worship in their community and local church. As they developed their musical ability they were inspired to write original music and present worship concerts in both English and Spanish. When education and career paths prevented two of the members to continue with the group, the Cortes brothers were determined to preserve the ministry and prayed for guidance. During the following ten years, God provided talented individuals who joined the Contagious Faith family. While in active membership, each one greatly contributed to the mission, vision, and values of the ministry.

Contagious Faith has grown to become an award-nominated recording group with a collection of over 25 songs in three full-length albums and two EPs. They self-produced and released their first album, "Hope In the Sky", in July 2012 after launching a four-track EP in 2011. While still in college, they felt blessed when given the opportunity to write Southwestern Adventist University's theme songs during the 2014-2016 school years. Both songs, "In the House of the Lord" and "I Will Go'", became widely known in their community and have since been adopted by other worship leaders in numerous settings and congregations. In the Fall of 2015, Contagious Faith embarked on a journey to fund two albums via Kickstarter.com. This leap of faith brought a feeling of overwhelming gratitude as they witnessed the miracle of being over-funded! It was with great joy that Contagious Faith released the much awaited albums, "I Know How This Ends" and "Lluvia En Mi Desierto", in June 2016.

Over the years, Contagious Faith has encountered various modifications in terms of management, members, songwriting, and music styles. In many ways these changes have strengthened their passion and feeling of purpose. The group has also encountered challenges that have helped reassure their dedication to ministry and encouraged them to continue praising God through music. Contagious Faith is grounded in Christ and senses the responsibility of sharing Him with others through their online influence and biblically-based lyrics. Currently, Contagious Faith is a duo formed by Alexander and Anthony Cortes. They continue to create music and videos, are active at their local church, and travel across the country promoting their God-given faith.





By way of creating quality, relevant music, and displaying a Christ-like character in daily life, Contagious Faith devotes every effort to declare the blessing of a life surrendered to God.


With whole-hearted passion and unwavering faith, Contagious Faith seeks to share the Gospel of Salvation globally for the purpose of expanding the Heavenly Kingdom.


A constant pursuit toward an intimate relationship with Christ
Responsibility to share the good news of salvation on a local and global scale
Committing the very best of effort in whatever work presented
Approaching everyone with love, decency, and respect even upon disagreement
Acting upon Seventh-day Adventist principles and values