I Know How This Ends (2016) // MP3

I Know How This Ends (2016) // MP3


1. Dear World
2. Never Selling My Soul
3. Just Like The World
4. Left Right
5. Past The Sun
6. Nothing I Can Do
7. Worth Dying For
8. Human For Me
9. I'm Free
10. In The House Of The Lord
11. Lost In Your Love
12. I Will Go
13. Come Home
14. Queen For Eternity **BONUS TRACK**
15. Innocently **BONUS TRACK**

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We want to express our deepest gratitude to those who supported this project through prayer, words of encouragement, and finances. You made it all possible! With many thanks we publicly express our continued appreciation to: Our outstanding manager and mentor, Carlos D. Ortega, and all previous members of our team, David Weber, John Weber, Pierre Ortiz, Jorge Rico III, Marcus Acosta. We give a special shout out to our favorite photographers, Eva Diana Iguaran and David Pollock, and to those who played a vital part in the production, music composition, and lyric translation: Mike Rosario, Reuben David Hall, Annie Sauder, Martin Reid, Elvin J. Cedeño, Jeriel Santiago, and Suheily Mercado.   We would like to give a special thanks to those who have believed in us from the start and have been an incredible influence: the Cortes, Grady, Laughlin, Narvaez, Ortega, Park, Santiago, Seery, Weber, and Wilczynski families, Justin Denny, Darcy Force, and Lolita Morales (Mamita). A very big thank you to all of our Kickstarter backers and friends who have showered us with financial help and encouragement. Each of you mean so much to us and we want you to know we love you! To our dear friends at the Keene Seventh-day Adventist Church, Southwest Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, and Southwestern Adventist University: Your support means so much to us. You've helped us pave the way for younger artists to develop their talents for the sole purpose of expanding the Kingdom. We dedicate this album to our Supreme Provider, Jesus our Lord. With Him, nothing is impossible.

© 2016 Contagious Faith. All rights reserved.
Produced by Mike Rosario at Sonic Rush Records (www.sonicrushrecords.com)

Additional Musicians: Strings - Kyle Dellosa / Marc Elysee / Myrhawell Inocencio / Patrick Liao / Samuel Liao / Sean Aqui / Zuri Cortes ... Vocals - Andrea Roda / Candys Narindra / Jonathen Blue / Liz Roda / Marcus Acosta / Robert Leslie / Zuri Cortes ... Drums / Percussion - Luis Hairam Santiago Cruz / Garth Justice / Roberto Serrano ... Brass - Carlos A. Hernandez Rivera / Victor M. Charriez Rosado ... Acoustic Guitar, Piano, & Keyboard - Marcus Acosta ... Electric Guitar - Bernard Byrd / Michael Demiar